Monday, February 1, 2010

Another view from the little cave I found near Hummingbird trail in Simi Valley.

Got out for an evening stroll with Donna tonight. We don't do this often enough. It's a great neighborhood with a cool park and a greenbelt with a creek and enough vegetation to filter out all the traffic noise (what little there is).

The rock formations near Simi Valley make me miss Moab's slickrock riding.

Hiking above Hummingbird trail in Simi Valley while waiting for Donna to finish up with jury duty... which might take all day.

The creek beds are pretty much dry already, despite all the rain about a week ago. It had a cool look though... all the rocks in the creek bed had been washed clean.

We walked through the park this evening. Seeing the ball fields with all the lights reminded me of my childhood - going to watch my dad's softball games when we lived in Texas. I loved those nights!

The lights in the neighborhood park cast a yellow color on all the leaves, making it look like fall color.... something we don't get much of around here.

I could get used to evening walks with Donna. I couldn't help but notice that there was a pinch of daylight left at 5:45.

Even in February, the flowers around here are in bloom.

Spooky tree we spotted on our early evening walk.

Found a cool 'cave' of sorts near Hummingbird trail. I love this sort of stuff.