Thursday, January 28, 2010

Yep, the camera went off by accident

Despite being an accidental photo, it's the only one I have from a rare night ride with Donna. She's not enjoying jury duty but I'm thrilled to have her home in the evenings.

Two nights in a row now I left work early enough to see the sunset.

Donna has been on jury duty, which means she's home in the evening, unlike most evenings, so I've had some extra incentive to leave work at a reasonable hour.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


After Sunday's ride took a toll on Donna, she ended up riding Monday with a bit of a biking 'hangover.' We did what turned out to be an 8-mile climb up Yerba Buena Road off the Pacific Coast Highway then turned downhill for a nice 8-mile descent. After that we called it quits and went on to enjoy the day with lunch at Panera Bread, a quick trip to the DMV, saw It's Complicated at Muvico in Thousand Oaks then got some Chinese take-out for dinner and enjoyed a quiet evening at home.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Muddy Sunday ride

We ran into a little more mud than we expected on Sunday's ride. Wildwood Park was nowhere near dry so we hiked almost the entire way through the park to avoid damaging any trails. Donna bonked part way through the ride and really struggled to make it home. At one point she complained about how she felt like she was moving so slowly - I looked down at the cycle computer to see that we were doing 19mph, not bad for cyclocross bikes.

Vikings vs Saints on the big screen

Sunday Donna and I went to Bruce & Julie's to watch the Vikings/Saints game on their monster tv. Watching football games with other people always seems to make the experience all the more enjoyable... the video explains.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sunny skies return to SoCal

The sun finally made an appearance Saturday and I couldn't help but enjoy the weather myself while shooting others enjoying it for a work video. It looks like Donna and I will be able to enjoy one nice day of weather before returning to a 80% chance of showers on Monday. Hopefully we can fry our legs on Sunday so we have no desire to ride on Monday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


It's a rare occasion that we have white fluffy clouds passing over Ventura County and I couldn't resist but shoot some more time-lapse video of the storm as it fizzled out. I shot the video primarily for work (hence the vcstar logo) but I love the effect of the time-lapse process. Plus, it's so easy to do on the phone. Donna, as usualy, was supportive and patient and waited in the car while I shot the different scenes. I think she just enjoys watching me do something that I enjoy. Sweet, isn't she.


Monday was a washout which made for a great excuse to watch some tv in the morning. Eventually we dragged ourselves off the sofa's and ventured out for a lunch special at the nearby Chinese restaurant then it was off to shoot some time-lapse video of the passing storm then we caught a showing of Book of Eli at Muvico at The Oaks. Of course after the movie we made the customary trip to the Apple store & then, dinner at the Lazy Dog Cafe. We got to eat dinner under the watchful eyes of an old-English bulldog. The photos ornamenting the restaurant are awesome but nowhere near as good as the food!


Lots of sweat and a few rain drops kept me from shooting much video or many photos on Sunday's ride but here it is nevertheless. Donna has really been a trooper with her riding. I'm sooo looking forward to her April race in Monterey.


Sunday we squeezed in a ride before the rain came to town. Even when Donna is all sweaty, she's still sweet! We got a little wet the last few minutes of the ride but nothing major. Imagine that... water falling from the sky.